Friday, January 6, 2017 at 1:54pm



Our trails are in fair to good condition.  They are flat and fast so use caution, corners might be icey.  we could use more snow, but the cold is holding a good base.  Today, in cooperation with the Mercer Sno Goers, The MW Sno Skeeters groomed trail #8 between our trail system and the Lazy Ace. Our Tucker has a little more floatation over the thin ice sections of that part of the Sno Goers system.  We are more than happy to help out the Sno Goers: many of the Mercer businesses are members of our club and they do an Awesome job pushing our raffles, advertising our events, taking map donations and attending our events.  A big thankyou to the Sno Goers for all you do for us!  Also  A big shout out to Bob Skrobot who has probably got about 5 hours in today  double and triple grooming that section of the Mercer trails, Then Bob is  back out tonight on our system.  The picture attatched is Trail#8 in the Mercer system.

Posted by: Barry Hopkins
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