Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 12:35pm



"Pleasantly suprised"   is what I am hearing from the riders today.   I would call our trails fair/ poor.  This is from a family and the wife talking, so Guys, Put on your "big boy pants" and suck it up.   The rain has stopped, yes there are some bare spots, but we still have snow.  ALL KIDDING ASIDE,  lets hope we get some cooler weather soon and some more snow.... 'Cuz I Wanna ride!

Our next club function is Sun Feb 5th Breakfast at the Pea Patch 8am-noon and drawing for Guns and Roses! tickets available at area businesses.  Then It's time to Rendezvous Sat Feb 18th at Rest Lake


Trail condition: Poor
Posted by: Barry Hopkins
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