Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 9:59am



Happy New Year!

The weekend brought alot of snowmobilers to the area.  The cold temps really helped keep our base in good shape.  Our trails remain in fair to good condition.  The riders have been happy with what they have seen.   The Boulder loop  (trail #2 and #8) are good.   The Pi loop is doing pretty good as well.  A big thankyou to our groomers as well as all the groomers across the state!  Help all the clubs out by feeding the trail pig or making a donation to your clubs.  We are looking for raffle prizes for our Winterfest Rendezvous (Saturday Feb 17th) if you have something to donate you can drop it by The Pea Patch.   These raffles help generate money that goes directly towards trail maintenance  

Our next Fundraiser is at Ye Olde Shillellegh on Sunday Jan 14th   8am-noon

Trail condition: Fair
Posted by: Barry Hopkins
Created by CWS Tech Group