Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 8:52am



Took a nice ride with Groomer operator Mike Swatek yesterday,  up 8 & 17 over on 8 & 77 to Iron Belt.   Down 15 across Island lake then down 14 to Camp 1.  back across the flowage and out Murrays landing road then back to Mani.   Everything was good to very good!  A couple inches of new fluff helped all the trails.  I would call our trails good overall, a few more inches and I'd be inclined to call them very good.  The forecast looks good!  

Get your Guns & Roses tickets and Snowmobile tickets at area businessees.  Our next Fundraiseer is at The Pea Patch Breakfast, Sunday Feb 4th 8-Noon.


Trail condition: Good
Posted by: Barry Hopkins
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