Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 11:38am


Our trails are Fair to good.  The corners are getting a  little icey so use caution.  Snow coverage is good and the trails are flat.  We could use more snow, Lets keep an eye on the wether for Wed.  its supposed to warm up for 1 day, then back to cooler temps and snow.  Our trail system can handle a 1 day warm up.   A big Shout out to all the Groomer operators across the Northwoods! We continue to groom nightly.

We rode trail 8 up to mercer, trail 10 to the flowage then trail 9, 14, 15, 77 up to Iron Belt,  77, 15, 17 back to mercer.  a little thin the 5 miles or so through Mercer on the grade.  everything else was pretty darn good.  

Our next fundraiser is the Winterfest Rendezvous Saturday Feb 17th.  We could still use raffle items, so give us a holler if you have something to donate, or drop it off at the Pea Patch.   Thankyou for your support.  I will report back Daily this week.  

Posted by: Barry Hopkins
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